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Cloud Solutions, Big Data Analytics And AI/ML

Axtria is a global provider of cloud software and data analytics to the life sciences industry. We help life sciences companies transform their product commercialization journey to drive sales growth and improve healthcare outcomes. We are aware that our work impacts millions of patients and contribute passionately to improve their lives.

Technology innovation is our winning differentiation with platforms that deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). With our intelligent, cloud platforms – Axtria DataMAxTM,  Axtria InsightsMAxTM, Axtria SalesIQTM, and Axtria MarketingIQTM – we enable customers to efficiently manage data and leverage data science to deliver insights for sales and marketing planning and manage end-to-end commercial operations. We help customers in the complete journey from data to insights to operations.

Information Management

Axtria DataMAxTM is the only data model which enables CIOs and businesses to manage end-to-end commercial data on the cloud. With inbuilt connectors to manage business rules across internal and syndicated data assets, Axtria DataMAxTM automates data ingestion, quality, governance, and consumption, providing significantly shorter lag time to decision making and commercial success.

  • Cloud Migration With Axtria DataMAxTM
  • Big Data Analytics & Data Lakes​
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Business Intelligence & Smart Reporting
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Consulting & Managed Services

Axtria’s (AI)^2 enabled Consulting & Managed Services project future trends, events, and behaviors. Our analytics industrialization prowess is predictive, intuitive, and equipped to provide next-best-actions in increasing sales, realizing marketing ROI, pre-empting customer behavior, and enabling value-based patient outcomes.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Analytics CoE
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Platform Enabled Services
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Cloud Platforms

Axtria’s AI/ML enabled, advanced, enterprise-grade cloud platforms are built specifically for the life sciences industry. Axtria DataMAxTM leads the way for information management, quality, and governance, while Axtria InsightsMaxTM enables industrialization of analytics. Axtria MarketingIQTM and Axtria SalesIQTM guarantee commercial success by providing customer 360 to achieve a predetermined ROI and manage end-to-end commercial operations, respectively. Axtria’s cutting-edge platforms make sales and marketing function more efficient.

  • Axtria DataMAxTM
  • Axtria SalesIQTM
  • Axtria MarketingIQTM
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Our Focus: Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry

We partner with the Life Sciences & Healthcare industry to address a broad range of business challenges. With in-depth domain insights, Life Sciences companies are enabled to lead their data to insights to operations journey!

Customer Success Stories

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