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Borrower Centrism- Bring ‘Service’ Back Into Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage Servicers are entrusted with almost all vital operations, ranging from payment collection to loss mitigation attempts. However, until January 2014, no strict regulations w ...

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Operational Risk Management In Banks

In recent years, more than 100 losses exceeding US$ 100 million have been reported, prompting the regulators to turn their focus towards effectiveness of Operational Risk Managemen ...

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Behavioural Segment Based Stress Testing Using Markov Chain

Stress testing involves assessing a bank’s ability to stay solvent in case of ‘stressed’ macro-economic scenarios. Banks are expected to create a response mechanism in case a ...

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Claim Operations Optimization

Processing claims quickly and accurately is one of the biggest challenges payers face today. Huge volume of claims notwithstanding, multiple and incompatible systems requiring sign ...

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Evolution Of SDLC

Today, more than ever before, success or failure of a banking enterprise abides a direct correlation towards its ability to meet the demanding time to market conditions. ...

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Enabling Smarter Commercial Model Experimentation

The pharmaceutical industry is changing and manufacturers need to modify approaches and structures to survive in a competitive environment. ...

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Portfolio Stress Testing Methodologies

As the world is crawling out of the global economic crisis, several efforts are underway by regulators as well as international organizations, such as the International Monetary Fu ...

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Linking Customer Focus With Business Performance

The concept of the ‘customer-centric business’ is pervasive, with companies small and large, across every industry, making efforts to improve customer focus. ...

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Risk Basel Methodology Implementation

Basel will have significant impact on the banking sector. One recent study1 estimated that as the Basel rules are written today; by 2019 the US banks will need about $870 billion o ...

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