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Risk Basel Methodology Implementation

Basel will have significant impact on the banking sector. One recent study1 estimated that as the Basel rules are written today; by 2019 the US banks will need about $870 billion o ...

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Is Channel ROI Dead?

From broadcasting a series of monologues at ‘easy’ customers in order to sell products, to having an engaging and effective dialogue with fairly ‘complex’ targets to make m ...

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Improve STAR Rating With Analytics Powered Therapy Adherence Strategy

Improving the quality of care and services to patients and enrollees is one of the key imperatives of Affordable Care Act (ACA). Several initiatives and measures have been put in p ...

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Operational Risk Computation Methodology

Operational Risk has become a key area of priority for the banks in the recent past due to regulatory pressures. The banks are identifying ways of measuring, monitoring, and predic ...

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Creating An Effective And Motivating Incentive Compensation Plan

Incentive Compensation is one the most important drivers for sales force productivity and effectiveness. Sales teams today continue to form a significant driver of a firm’s topl ...

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Better Reporting With The IPad

Good reporting is an essential tool for managing your business. This reporting needs to be focused and actionable – focused in that it addresses the key business questions you fa ...

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Mortgage Servicer – You’ve Got Information!

In the wake of the crisis, the mortgage industry has been under pressure to reform the way loans are underwritten and serviced. In particular, there is significant regulatory press ...

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Payer Influence On Product Performance In Pharmaceutical Industry

Payers vary in their ability to assert formulary compliance. We will explore how tools and analytics can enable a pharmaceutical manufacturer to assess factors impacting formulary ...

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The Agile And Adaptive Sales Territory Alignment

Sales territory structures often suffer from inefficiency. Even with regular territory re-alignments, territories tend to ‘drift’ away from optimum. ...

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