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Upcoming US elections 2020

White Paper

What Is At Stake For The Pharma Industry From The Upcoming 2020 Elections?

The upcoming November 2020 presidential and congressional elections represent a key event for the pharma industry. Current industry focus is on COVID-19, the effects from public po ...

Specialty Pharmacy


Specialty Pharmacy: A Unique And Growing Industry

This point of view report explores the changing dynamics of the specialty pharmacy industry and highlights implications for pharmaceutical companies in terms of demand generation, ...

COVID - 19 Impact on Pharma Industry

White Paper

Will The Pharma Industry’s Response To COVID-19 Positively Affect Its Image? A Commentary

The pharmaceutical industry has stepped up in a big way in search of vaccines and effective treatments for COVID-19. One reference cited at least 250 drugs and 95 vaccines under in ...

Effects of a resurgence in COVID-19 cases on future pharma business planning

White Paper

Effects Of A Resurgence In COVID-19 Cases On Future Pharmaceutical Business Planning

Fears have arisen regarding a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Numerous factors could be contributing to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. Some suggest it is because more tests are bein ...

Clinical Trials


The Power Of Digital Technologies In Transforming Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are becoming more complex as pharmaceutical companies focus their research and development efforts on treatments for rare diseases and personalized medicine, and on ...

COVID-19 Recession Effects on Pharmaceutical Patient Health Outcomes

White Paper

COVID-19 Recession Effects On Pharmaceutical-Related Patient Health Outcomes

This white paper investigates the research framework to model the expected effects on the decline in health outcomes caused by a decrease in the quantity and quality of pharmaceuti ...

Pharma Incentive Compensation

White paper

Should Pharmaceutical Incentive Compensation Plans Cap At-Risk Sales Rep Compensation?

This white paper looks at a simple but important research question – why do pharma companies have incentive compensation (IC) plans that cap their at-risk sales rep compensation? ...

Coronavirus Pandemic Effects On Incentive Compensation

White Paper

Coronavirus Pandemic Effects On Incentive Compensation

This paper focuses on coronavirus pandemic effects on IC for pharma companies in the short-term, medium-term, and long-term, while also providing prescriptive actions for sales exe ...

Patient-Centric Commercial Strategy

White Paper

Designing A Patient-Centric Commercial Strategy

This whitepaper addresses how RWE should be leveraged for informing various commercial decisions with a deeper-dive into marketing-mix analysis (MMx). ...

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