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Optimize clinical trial planning to drive trial success

Leverage big data sets, natural language processing, and predictive modeling to generate actionable insights and make informed decisions.


Data analytics-driven clinical trial planning, operations, and site management 


Data-driven global site selection, protocol feasibility assessment, and effective site management are imperative to improve clinical trial timelines and outcomes. Life sciences companies are leveraging real-world data, machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive modeling to:

  • optimize the clinical trial setup and operations right from site selection to regulatory submission.
  • establish virtual controls for early-stage trials to model outcomes without treatment/estimate efficacy.
  • react sooner with more information through accelerated signal detection.

Leverage multiple data sources and technology to optimize trial planning, site selection, and enrollment decision and get real-time insights into ongoing trials!

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Advanced analytics for clinical trial optimization

Protocol feasibility

Trial optimization

Real-time monitoring

Better decisions

Service offering

Key results

Business outcomes

Site selection and patient recruitment

Natural language processing

Predictive insights

Group 47533

Comprehensive insights on study design, setting, and participants

Group 47534

Optimization that directly reflects in the cost of running a trial

Group 47535

Advanced automation for early warning

Clinical program access

  • Diversity in clinical trials without geographic barriers, with focus on developing countries.

Digital trials

  • Securely manage data sources and harmonize with performance analytics and remote monitoring.
  • Reimagine the process to drive automation for clinical data, from protocol to submission.

Analyzing R&D strategy

  • Global regulatory and compliance insight for fast regulatory approval.