Data verification and validation

    Leverage quality control systems to improve clinical trial data management, enhance trust in the clinical research process, and ease the regulatory burden.

    Rapid and effective data validation and verification to achieve business and clinical trial outcomes


    The regulatory environment, higher business complexity, and increased focus on accountability have led the clinical trial operations teams at life sciences companies to pursue a broad range of governance, risk, and compliance initiatives. Comprehensive data integrity validation steps are helping companies address errors quickly and effectively to achieve the desired clinical trial and business outcomes.

    Leverage our deep understanding of clinical trial data and compliance processes to conduct data verification and validation and ensure that clinical systems and their data sets comply with GxP guidelines and regulations.

    Data verification and validation

    Security, data regulations, and compliance

    Robust testing framework for compliance controls

    End-to-end compliance assured

    Service offering

    Business outcomes

    • Common controls framework
    • Robust validation process
    • Audit management
    • Continuous compliance improvement

    Agile clinical development

    • Real-time access to all study data through controls for ensuring the utmost protection for participant safety and data integrity.

    Digital trials

    • Securely manage data sources and harmonize with performance analytics and remote monitoring.
    • Reimagine the process to drive automation for clinical data, from protocol to submission.

    Analyzing R&D strategy

    • Global regulatory and compliance insight for fast regulatory approval.

    Clinical program access

    • Design clinical trials with an emphasis on patients with critical diagnosis even before early access programs (EAPs) and in line with managed access programs.

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