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Next-gen clinical data management system

Leverage advanced clinical data management systems (CDMS) to provide high-quality data to streamline and accelerate faster drug discovery and time-to-market.


Stay ahead of the curve with next-gen CDMS


The evolution of the clinical research industry, over the last decade, has led to the development of advanced clinical data management systems. These systems enable real-time data integration, data standardization at different layers, risk-based monitoring, real-time data reviews, and advanced analytics for life sciences companies. Future-forward companies are adopting next-gen CDMS to:

  • solve the clinical data aggregation and visibility constraints for better outcomes.
  • provide robust controls to implement data quality and governance.
  • enable data validations across clinical data sets as per business rules.

Leverage next-gen non-transactional, self-serve, and customizable CDMS for real-time data collection and aggregation. Extract data’s greatest value to streamline and fast-track drug discovery and time-to-market!

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Next-gen clinical data management system

Robust data aggregation

Tailored semantic for complex business rules

Clinical decision support

Built to scale

Service offering

Key results

Business outcomes

Agile clinical development

Clinical development optimization

Left shift of data services

Meeting your needs with the next-gen CDMS

Next-gen CDMS

Group 47518

Customized and assembled platform with accelerators

Group 47529

Greater visibility and control over the data

Group 47524

Manage trials with agility and speed

Group 47528

Replace legacy systems and remove vendor lock-in

Digital trials

  • Continuous and confidential collection of data and eSource information.
  • Securely manage data sources and harmonize with performance analytics and remote monitoring.
  • Reimagine the process to drive automation for clinical data, from protocol to submission.

Analyzing R&D strategy

  • Global regulatory and compliance insight for fast regulatory approval.