Next-gen clinical data management system

    Leverage advanced clinical data management systems (CDMS) to provide high-quality data to streamline and accelerate faster drug discovery and time-to-market.

    Stay ahead of the curve with next-gen CDMS


    The evolution of the clinical research industry, over the last decade, has led to the development of advanced clinical data management systems. These systems enable real-time data integration, data standardization at different layers, risk-based monitoring, real-time data reviews, and advanced analytics for life sciences companies. Future-forward companies are adopting next-gen CDMS to:

    • solve the clinical data aggregation and visibility constraints for better outcomes.
    • provide robust controls to implement data quality and governance.
    • enable data validations across clinical data sets as per business rules.

    Leverage next-gen non-transactional, self-serve, and customizable CDMS for real-time data collection and aggregation. Extract data’s greatest value to streamline and fast-track drug discovery and time-to-market!


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    Next-gen clinical data management system

    Service offering

    Key results

    Business outcomes

    • Agile clinical development
    • Clinical development optimization
    • Left shift of data services
    • Meeting your needs with the next-gen CDMS

    Customized and assembled platform with accelerators


    Greater visibility and control over the data


    Manage trials with agility and speed


    Replace legacy systems and remove vendor lock-in

    Digital trials

    • Continuous and confidential collection of data and eSource information.
    • Securely manage data sources and harmonize with performance analytics and remote monitoring.
    • Reimagine the process to drive automation for clinical data, from protocol to submission.

    Analyzing R&D strategy

    • Global regulatory and compliance insight for fast regulatory approval.

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