Big Data Framework

Explore and experiment without constraint

There are now more data sources available than ever before and they are growing at an exponential rate. To remain competitive, you must experiment and explore these new sources to uncover actionable insights and drive innovation.

With hands-on experience in industry data sources and decision science, and deep technology expertise to enable Big Data Frameworks, Axtria delivers:

  • Modern Big Data Framework in the Cloud
  • Rapid ingestion of structured and unstructured data sources
  • Culture of exploration and experimentation
  • Strong governance framework
  • Digital engagement and social listening at scale


Modern Big Data Framework in the cloud: Leverage a cutting-edge Big Data Framework in the Cloud to experiment and explore new data sources with unprecedented scale and flexibility.

  • Cutting-edge open-source platforms
  • Enterprise-grade performance, security, and scale
  • Processes for operation, integration, and data usage
  • Easy integration with BI tools and applications
  • Easily extendable to process future use cases

Rapid ingestion of structured and unstructured data sources: Our Big Data Framework supports the full range of structured and unstructured data sources across all functional areas.

  • Built-in connectors to common data sources
  • Ability to standardize on data formats
  • Structured, semi structured and/or unstructured data ingestion
  • Pre-defined metadata and models
  • Pre-defined checks for data integrity and quality

Culture of exploration and experimentation: Organizations often suffer from redundant KPIs with low relevance to the modern business. Axtria recommends proactive exploration of business questions by leveraging decision science to adapt to market trends and gain competitive advantage.

  • Proven data lake and analytics workbench
  • Enablement of exploratory data analysis
  • Early effectiveness indicators for KPIs
  • Support for outcome driven commercial models
  • Support for real-time triggers into commercial processes

Strong governance framework: Changes to Big Data initiatives can have major time and cost implications. We recommend strong governance upfront and iterating the process to meet success criteria.

  • Align all objectives to clear business needs
  • Ensure strong buy-in across business stakeholders
  • Deploy a central Business Rules Management System (BRMS)
  • Design for operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Design and build with the future in mind

Digital engagement and social listening at scale:  In today’s consumer driven market, it is critical to buildup a complete and accurate picture of a customer’s digital body language. It is only with this contextual insight that organizations can engage with relevance and take the right next-best-action.

  • Ability to onboard and integrate all available data sources
  • Analyze digital journey for contextual engagements
  • Understand social sentiment, influence, and relationships
  • Integrate into customer facing solutions such as CRM
  • Access to a rich set of self-service reports for digital insights

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