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Cloud Platforms

Healthcare delayed is healthcare denied. Reaching the patient at the right time with absolutely the precise information is the goal for most healthcare providers.

Axtria’s cloud platforms help life sciences companies operationalize the insights to each healthcare provider at the right time. Using real-world problems at the center of our product development, Axtria uses modern technology such as AI/ML, NLP, and Advanced Analytics to make the data talk the right language and delivers data to insight through platforms explicitly built for life sciences.

  • Axtria DataMAxTM converts raw data, structured or unstructured into pliable, understandable, ‘analytics-ready’ form.
  • Axtria InsightsMAxTM enables Citizen Data Scientists for an AI-enabled analytics workbench. Decision-makers can collaboratively assemble analytics models of choice, derive instantaneous insights, and create an operational strategy, in minutes.
  • Axtria SalesIQTM sifts through sales operations insights to enable field reps to have intelligent conversations with healthcare providers.
  • Axtria CustomerIQTM operationalizes the marketing insights to move the message to the most appropriate user at the most important time.

Modern and modular and built on and AWS, Axtria’s cloud analytics platforms clear the commercial operations clutter so companies can do what they do best – service their customers to deliver on time patient care and manage their sales and marketing operations.

Axtria DataMAx™

Axtria DataMAxTM allows organizations to modernize and migrate their legacy data infrastructure from on-premise to cloud. Companies can focus on long-term cost saving, achieving speed and scale in their business functions and product launches​.

Real world data is at the core of our information management capabilities. Axtria DataMAxTM, a state-of-the-art IP platform on the cloud, enables interlinking of sales and marketing data to insights management. Empowered by a big data framework, Axtria DataMAxTM utilizes a metadata architecture at ingestion of data from the sources, allowing a multitude of data management functions:​

  • Master Data Management (MDM)​
  • Data Validation and Data Quality Management​
  • Data Integration and Interlinking between disparate commercial sources​
  • Data Governance structure for segregation of redundancy and accessibility of information​
  • Pre-configured library of > 1000 commercial business rules​
Cloud Platforms
Axtria SalesIQ™

Sales operations take up significant investments. The efficiency of operations and speed of delivery of actionable insights to the sales reps can determine returns on these investments. Consistently delivering the objectives helps achieve scale in life sciences sales management.

Modular and modern Axtria SalesIQTM delivers a specific need for the target audience – the sales reps and helps them achieve their goals with transparency, accuracy, and derive benefits fit for their efforts​.

  • Territory Alignment & Roster Management
  • Call Planning
  • Incentive Compensation Management
  • Field Analytics & Reporting
Cloud Platforms
Axtria CustomerIQ™

Axtria CustomerIQTM is the most advanced omni-channel marketing platform an organization can use to get in front of the customer on time, real-time with the right message. This drives marketing efficiency and produces the best possible brand recall, providing a real omni-channel marketing impact.

In-turn the real-time benefits a health care professional (HCP) can derive are invaluable!​ Axtria CustomerIQTM, modular and on the cloud, is enabled with information management, analytics on call, and a state-of-the-art reporting platform. It has pre-configured connectors to make sense of > 170 disparate life sciences digital, and social data sets. In effect, business rules manage the data, and the platform enabled by (AI)^2 does the rest.

  • Enables customer 360 to understand customer behavior
  • Rationalizes channel spend with micro-segmented precision
  • Determines the ROI on marketing spends real-time

Customer Success Stories

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