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Advanced Analytics

With the continually changing dynamics of patient engagement, advanced analytics have provided life sciences the ability to understand patient behavior and journeys and stay ahead by identifying them before the competition and reducing risks of drop-offs. The only way to compete is to leverage insights faster. Leveraging data and remaining a step ahead is the new opportunity.

However, driving the culture of data-driven decision making requires:

  • Constantly leveraging new data sources and advanced analytical methods for real-time insights
  • Building a culture of experimentation and transparency
  • Integrating next-gen platforms in every aspect of business functionality
  • Deploying a flexible operating model that adapts and scales as the business evolves

Reviewing objectives and organizational use cases need to have a pragmatic thought approach, not just in the customer marketplace, but also across employee skillsets, governance processes, adaptive technology, execution engines, and investor attractiveness.

Our Offerings

Commercial Model Design

Commercial Model Design capabilities provide an entirely data-driven approach to devising sales force strategy, enable companies to reach the patients faster, more efficiently, and with the right plan based on therapies and channels:

  • Data discovery, collection, and processing
  • Brand performance forecasting
  • Model different size and structure scenarios, based on therapies and geographies
  • Workload build-up, affordable coverage, and time series models
  • Business change management

Sales Force Size & Structure

Practical sales force strategies help generate higher sales, detail multiple products, support new product launches, and defend against new competitive product launches:

  • Granular, customer level data model
  • Various, customizable sizing frameworks
  • System-level solutioning
  • Flexible scenario assessment

Sales Analytics

With diluting physician purchasing power, rise in specialty pharma, and focus on value-based patient outcomes, sales effectiveness is becoming increasingly complicated.

To drive commercial success, companies need to swiftly adapt to real-world complexities such as new customers, roles, outcomes, and datasets. Axtria’s dynamic, advanced optimization algorithms enable sales operations efficiency by harnessing our deep experience in therapy and data.


Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics capabilities provide integrated marketing mix design and evaluation across personas, channels, and messages:

  • Framework for campaign planning and evaluation
  • Market mix modeling and channel impact
  • Multi-channel budget optimization
  • Campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Optimum next best action using Axtria Triggers
  • Short cycle promotion response modeling for faster insights in launch lifecycle

Managed Care Analytics

To meet the increasing market complexities, pharma account managers seek solutions to effectively size and deploy account teams, and measure contract performance across many overlapping market segments.

Axtria’s managed markets solutions provide ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ strategies in a multi-stakeholder model. HEOR-based models account for health value beyond efficacy to ensure portfolio-based innovation and best-in-class outcomes.


Patient Analytics

Several market forces are driving the need for patient-level insights, such as new measures of value, specialty therapies for specific patient groups, increased treatment options, expanding payer involvement, and influence for patient behavior. Patient-level analysis can impact critical decisions across the organization, both clinical and commercial.

Axtria’s deep expertise in Patient Analytics and associated data sources leverages a combination of deductive and inductive logic for solving patient problems.


Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)

With increasing pressure to control the rising cost of healthcare, there’s a greater need to demonstrate the value of healthcare treatments in addition to their efficacy.

  • Patient-level simulation
  • Cost-effectiveness models
  • Clinical trial simulations
  • Burden of disease analysis
  • Real-world data (RWD)
  • Managed markets and HEOR analytics

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