Commercial Model Design

Optimize sales strategies to better engage your customers

From one-size-fits-all messaging to value-focused engagement, the selling dynamic has evolved across every industry. The environment calls for new insights, new approaches, and new ways of thinking.

With decades of experience in designing effective sales force strategies, Axtria delivers:

  • Optimized commercial model design
  • Integrated sales force strategy
  • Dynamic models that adapt to real world complexities
  • Strong PMO and change management processes
  • Cloud platforms that drive consistency and flexibility


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Optimized commercial model design: One size does not fit all. Future proofing your commercial model calls for real experience in industry dynamics, emerging data sources, and new selling models.

Axtria is the partner of choice for designing commercial models and sales strategies for Fortune 500 organizations across the globe. We have a team of industry veterans who provide consultative leadership in this domain, and a company culture of innovation that consistently challenges the status-quo.

Download the Axtria 5 Step Guide on Optimizing Your Commercial Model.


Integrated sales force strategy: Our designs are driven by strategic, financial, and operational considerations while optimizing for the most realistic market scenarios.

  • Align on objectives and evaluation criteria
  • Carry out data discovery, collection, and processing
  • Define segments and targeting
  • Evaluate scenarios
  • Forecast performance impact

Dynamic models that adapt to real world complexities: We deploy responsive models and utilize innovative analytical techniques that adapt to real-world complexities.

  • Leveraging traditional and emerging data sources
  • Accounting for multi-stakeholder effects
  • Accounting for multi-channel effects
  • Delivering two-part modelling
  • Proactively identifying issues with source systems

Strong PMO and change management processes: Organizational buy-in is critical to the success of commercial model design engagements. A strong Program Management Office (PMO) goes a long way in establishing effective change management processes.

  • Align on a compelling vision for why change is needed
  • Deliver effective and consistent communication
  • Ensure adequate preparation and conditioning – at all levels
  • Effectively deal with stakeholder needs and concerns as they adapt

Cloud platforms that drive consistency and flexibility:  Move from strategy to execution with a modern commercial operations platform such as Axtria SalesIQ, driving best practice and consistency with local flexibility.

  • Integrated end-to-end commercial operations platform
  • Territory alignment, roster management, and Targeting
  • Drive process, measures, and outcomes across geographies
  • Account for sub-national variations in the planning process
  • Allow for localized changes


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