Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

Demonstrate a treatment’s value and quantify associated outcomes with innovative HEOR-based solutions


Health Economics & Outcomes Research

With increasing pressure to control the rising cost of healthcare, there’s a greater need to demonstrate the value of health care treatments in addition to their efficacy. HEOR analytics plays an increasingly vital role in a drug’s approval and reimbursement with payers. HEOR analyses allow us to evaluate the economics of a given treatment and quantify the associated outcomes.

Key Offerings



​​Test and analyze complex treatment outcomes on various types of patients with our patient-level simulations, supported with real world and clinical trials data.


Cost Effectiveness

Ensure cost-effectiveness to maximize chances of drug approval, with our customized and analytically rigorous models. These models are transparent and adaptable for global stakeholders.


Clinical Trial

Make informed decisions around clinical trial design with Axtria’s trial simulations. Ensure cost-effective analyses and reduced iterations across varying scenarios for continued product benefits. ​


Burden of Disease

Get detailed insights into the cost, morbidity, mortality and unmet needs associated with multiple treatment options, to maximize patient well-being and cost-effectiveness


Real World Data

Experience real-world evidence-based insights, using real-world and anonymized patient-level data to make educated decisions on various treatment options and their implied outcomes.


Managed Markets and
HEOR Analytics

Unveil market complexities with Axtria’s deep domain and strategy consulting expertise in managed markets, and hands-on experience with traditional and emerging datasets in this space.

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

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50+ Deal Assessments Across 18 Months By A Pharmaceutical Company
50+ Deal Assessments Across 18 Months By A Pharmaceutical Company

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