Patient Analytics

Several market forces are driving the need for patient-level insights such as new measures of value, specialty therapies for specific patient groups, increased treatment options and expanding payer involvement and influence. Patient-level analysis can impact key decisions across the organization, both commercial and medical. Axtria’s deep expertise in Patient Analytics and associated data sources leverages a combination of deductive and inductive logic for solving patient analytics problems.

Key Offerings


Patient Journey
with RWE

​​Leverage a range of traditional and RWE data sources for deep, longitudinal patient-level insights into patient diagnosis, treatment,  health outcomes and their associated costs.


Market Opportunity

​​Leverage patient-level data for market sizing and evaluation in various product situations, such as products with multi-indications, used for specific populations, requiring a diagnostic test etc. 


Segmentation with
Patient Data

Drive payer/ provider segmentation with patient-level data to identify high-value opportunities. This helps guide ‘where to play’ and ‘how to win’ decisions, allowing for focus on specific high-value segments.

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

Patient Adherence
$15 Million Incremental Revenue With AI/ML Enabled Patient Adherence

Patient non-adherence is a big concern not just for the pharma manufacturers, but also for the physicians, especially with the increasing emphasis on improved patient lives. Treatm ...

Strategic Course Correction For A Blockbuster Oncology Drug

A top pharma company that had done well to grow their oncology drug to a blockbuster status was struggling with understanding and achieving its full potential. Axtria provided str ...

Rapid Patient Data Analytics
Enabling 95% Patient Adherence With Rapid Patient Data Analytics

With an increasing focus on patient-outcomes and benefits, pharma companies are leveraging patient-level information, such as Protected Health Information, to track the complete pa ...

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