Sales Analytics

With increasingly inaccessible physicians, rise in specialty pharma and focus on value-based outcomes, pharma sales effectiveness demands a refreshed perspective. To drive commercial success, companies need to swiftly adapt to real-world complexities such as new customers, roles, outcomes, and datasets. Axtria’s dynamic, advanced optimization algorithms enable sales operations efficiency by harnessing our deep experience in therapy and data.​

Key Offerings


Model Design

Drive commercial success with Axtria’s model design frameworks that can  adapt to real-world complexities such as new customers, roles, outcomes and datasets.


Account Level

Identify the most robust, actionable, stable and meaningful customer segments with segmentation models that can incorporate multiple influences on a prescribing decision.


Promotion Response

Fine tune your promotions strategy and assess marginal ROI with innovative analytical models to forecast brand performance under different size/ structure scenarios and overlapping.


Incentive Plan

Create fair and equitable quotas with Axtria’s flexible goal-setting models. They are capable of revising quotas by making quick changes in floor/capping rules and forecast updates.


Territory Alignment
Center of Excellence (CoE)

Optimize personnel placement with Axtria’s CoE. A team of 50+ experts help sales teams achieve strategic goals, swiftly react to local changes and ensure equitable territories.


Call Planning
Center of Excellence (CoE)

​​Equip sales teams with well-designed call plans with Axtria’s CoE. Our experts are well versed with selling challenges such as multiple stakeholders, selling models, rule complexities etc.

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

Strategic Course Correction For A Blockbuster Oncology Drug

A top pharma company that had done well to grow their oncology drug to a blockbuster status was struggling with understanding and achieving its full potential. Axtria provided str ...

Impact of tele-detailing - Marketing ROI Analytics
Impact Of Tele-Detailing On Brand Sales Surges

A spurt in sales, post a marketing campaign, may not be the sole result of that marketing campaign. Various other factors could have contributed to that surge. Some of it would hav ...

Influencing Physician Propensity To Prescribe
Expand Market Share With Right Customer Targeting

Companies often rely on a myriad of promotional activities to increase prescription rates by carefully communicating the derived patient health benefits and treatment outcomes. ...

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