Marketing Effectiveness

The days of mass marketing campaigns are over. Exploding data sources, combined with advances in technology, have changed the way organizations engage their customers. These customers demand a personalized experience, where you understand their context, preferences, and next-best-action.

Enhance customer experience, build brand advocacy and drive great sales. Utilize Axtria’s expertise to drive a truly omni-channel customer experience by understanding customer preferences and behaviors, to develop campaigns that address target customers on their terms. Develop meaningful and personalized messages that lead to more engaged customers, and ultimately revenue growth.

With deep experience in industry data sources and expertise across marketing effectiveness, Axtria delivers:

  • Holistic multi-channel marketing framework
  • Experience across traditional and digital data sources
  • Innovative analytical approaches and methodologies
  • Promotional insights early in the launch cycle
  • Next-Best-Action triggers to the field

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Exercise better control over marketing spends by understanding where the best marketing performance and results are coming from

  • Readily available view of brand performance across territories, regions, campaigns, channels, individuals and spend
  • Study campaign tactics and channels based on performance
  • Analyze regions and individuals based on engagement level
Marketing Effectiveness
Customer 360

Customer engagement now takes place across a range of traditional and digital channels. It is critical to buildup a rich picture of the customer to understand their value, influence, and context in their journey.

  • Establish a single source of truth for each customer
  • Map key relationships, influence, and associations
  • Understand historical activity across all lines of business
  • Capture all interactions across traditional and digital channels
  • Make insight available to all customer touchpoints
Marketing Effectiveness

A customer centric approach to marketing can help in delivering a better experience to the customers and eventually translating to improved campaign performance.

  • Omni-channel campaign automation
  • Integrate personal and non-personal channels
  • Understand and act on unique customer preferences and context
  • Respond to market opportunities and risks in real-time
  • Plan the next-best-action based on customer preference
Marketing Effectiveness
Marketing ROI

Experience deeper insights into campaign effectiveness & ROI to simplify decision making.

  • Test campaign promotions for key objectives
  • Ongoing and post-launch ROI analysis
  • Design campaign analysis as per campaign data availability
  • Perform insightful diagnostics and visualizations to review past work and make adjustments
Marketing Effectiveness

Data App

Manage Customer Data, On Cloud And On Call

If there’s data out there, it can be configured on Axtria MarketingIQ™. PLUG-IT-IN. It’s that simple! So you can focus on getting your Customer 3600, what messages to send them, when and how to reach them.

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Customer 360 Analytics App


Analysis and measurement of customer engagement across all marketing promotional activities. So you can focus on your customer behaviour to their attention to improve patient outcomes.

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Campaign ROI Analyzer App

Evaluate Investment Effectiveness

Plan, design and measuring marketing campaigns ROI predictively! So you can predict potential decision points and create micro-segmented message enablement.

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Strat-IP App

Plan For Future

Plan promotional investments to meet sales forecasts or budget plans! Bang-for-the-buck? You can predict it, and plan it here.

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Campaign Management App

Act On Market Dynamic

End-to-end customer journey management with predictive triggers and next-best actions for online campaigns. Had doubts over online campaign effectiveness? Make your app give you best and next-best-actions based on customer behaviour.

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Suggestions/Triggers App

Automate Promotional Suggestions

Execute AI-driven triggers to enable closer connections between customers and brands promotional investments. So you know the emotional response your customers have to your messages!

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