Drive sales force productivity and motivation​ with field reporting and insights designed for the modern sales-rep​


Field Reporting & Analytics

Sales representatives are the eyes and ears for pharma companies as they are the ones on field, closest to the customers, driving prescription numbers. With the sales rep role continually evolving to meet the demands of complex commercial models, Axtria’s field analytics and reporting solutions empower them to make intelligent decisions and reach the right doctors at the right time, with flexibility and agility.

Key Offerings


Pharma Business Insights

Make informed sales force strategy decisions with actionable insights specifically for sales reps, district managers and regional managers with Axtria’s field analytic solutions.


Role Specific Dashboards

Find the most relevant KPIs and field insights for your specific role. Axtria’s role specific dashboards beautifully represent key field performance metrics meant for consumption by varying decision-makers​.


​Sales Effectiveness KPI Library

Closely track sales force effectiveness with a library of 200+ sales effectiveness KPIs. These pre-defined KPIs provide a holistic view of each rep’s performance on field and enable informed decision-making.​

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

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