Territory Alignment

Optimizing alignment to drive sales productivity

Mutli-channel Call Planning

In a world with increasing promotional channels and reduced attention spans, it is critical to equip your sales teams with well designed call plans that they are fully bought into.

With deep domain knowledge and experience in leading global commercial transformations, Axtria delivers:

  • An integrated commercial operations platform in the cloud
  • A unique blend of people, process, and technology experience
  • Multi-channel call planning that incorporates channel preferences
  • “Always on” and asynchronous plans to capitalize on market opportunities
  • A culture of empowerment that incorporates your team’s local knowledge


Multichannel Call Planning

Axtria SalesIQ delivers everything needed to manage the multi-channel call plan generation and feedback process in the cloud.

  • Rule-based call plan generation
  • Mobile app for field feedback
  • Configurable guard-rails for governance and control
  • Automated approvals and workflows
  • Integration with sales force automation and downstream systems

It is the only Call Planning platform built on Salesforce’s Force.com, leveraging enterprise-grade performance, security, and scalability.


People, process, and technology experience: Axtria is the partner of choice for delivering highly optimized and transparent multi-channel call plans that meet operational objectives and align with local market realities.

With a dedicated Center Of Excellence, our industry professionals have a unique blend of domain knowledge, process experience, and technology expertise.

Our call planning experience encompasses a wide variety of selling challenges, including multiple stakeholders, selling models, rule complexities and constraints, datasets, and channels.

Axtria SalesIQ - Call Planning Insights & analytics

Multi-channel call planning that incorporates channel preferences: Drive an innovative multi-channel approach that takes your customers’ channel preferences into consideration.

  • Enables holistic planning of customer engagement
  • Considers both digital and traditional face-to-face channels
  • Understands channel investment at individual customer level
  • Leverages data insight to determine optimum investment
  • Includes sub-channels such as inside sales and telesales
Axtria SalesIQ - Call Planning Insights & analytics

“Always on” and asynchronous plans: Eliminate the episodic nature of call planning and support call plan generation on demand.

  • “Always on” Field Feedback solution
  • Provides updated data for planning and optimization
  • Allows different teams to follow different schedules
  • Efficient allocation of resources across the call planning process
  • Dramatically reduces overall cycle time
Axtria SalesIQ - Call Planning Insights & analytics

A culture of empowerment that incorporates local team’s knowledge: Create a dialogue with the field, empowering sales teams to provide input and take ownership.

  • Creates accountability and increases adoption
  • Improves communication
  • Simplifies the roll out and review process
  • Allows rep adjustments to be coordinated across sales teams
  • Incorporates feedback and motivates the field

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