Digital Analytics

Complete insight into digital marketing campaigns and channels

Digital has disrupted the industry. Data sources have exploded with insight available on every aspect of your customer and their journey. Market leaders are those able to leverage this insight to truly understand the customer and drive meaningful engagement.

With deep experience in emerging data sources and digital analytics, Axtria delivers:

  • Complete data management strategy and framework
  • Digital journey insight and optimization
  • Social media strategy and brand sentiment
  • Digital metric identification and rationalization
  • Rich set of self-service reports and dashboards


Complete data management strategy and framework:  Leverage a modern cloud platform to analyze digital data sources, uncover actionable insights, and drive innovation.

  • Deep knowledge and experience of digital data sets
  • Modern Big Data framework in the cloud
  • Rapid ingestion of structured and unstructured data sources
  • Culture of exploration and experimentation
  • Strong governance framework

Digital journey insight and optimization: It is only with contextual insight that organizations can engage customers with relevance and take the right next-best-action.

  • Establish a single source of truth for each customer
  • Build a comprehensive digital profile
  • Analyze both traditional and digital interactions
  • Understand customer context and right next-best-action
  • Utilize the right channel at the right time

Social media strategy and brand sentiment: Discover what customers are saying about your brand, your products, and your competitors, and use this insight to inform your investment decisions.

  • Data aggregation and standardization
  • Analyze owned, paid, and earned media sources
  • Understand brand sentiment and customer intent
  • Multilingual support for over 16 languages
  • Engage and connect with relevant content

Digital metric identification and rationalization: Key to engaging the digital customer is understanding the right metrics to measure across each channel.

  • Established library of digital KPIs
  • Specific indicators across owned, earned, and paid channels
  • Brand awareness and share-of-voice metrics
  • Lead generation and customer conversion metrics
  • Customer engagement and retention metrics

Rich set of self-service reports and dashboards:  Digital analytics are only valuable if you can take action on the insights provided. This begins with putting powerful self-service visualizations into the hands of the decision makers.

  • Digital ready data models
  • Pre-built connectors for digital data sources
  • Pre-defined report templates leveraging key digital KPIs
  • Engaging role-based reports and visualizations
  • Integration to business apps for contextual insight

Activate Your Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

The industry is evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. The rise of digital, an increase in customer expectations, and a changing regulatory environment has drastically altered the landscape. The market demands new insights, new approaches, and new ways of thinking. To win in this new environment, companies must prioritize their customers and offer more engaging and personalized marketing messages.

Let Us Show You What Axtria’s Digital Analytics Capabilities Can Do For You