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Axtria Insights - Risk management and Analytics

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) firms are working under more complex regulation and facing greater external threats than ever before. The role of risk management is under considerable corporate focus, and we believe, if executed effectively, can add significant competitive advantage.

With deep expertise in decision science and hands-on experience across all areas of risk management, our solutions make it possible to measure, quantify, and even predict risk with more certainty than ever before.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Operational risk management
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Risk strategy development and testing


Axtria Risk management and Analytics portfolio

Regulatory compliance: We provide a wide range of solutions covering the entire lifecycle of risk model development, model validation, model monitoring, stress testing and regulatory reporting. This is complemented with our deep knowledge of data models across various asset classes like cards, mortgages, P&C insurance for strengthening and integrating risk data assets:

  • Stress test your portfolio
  • Tighter internal controls
  • Proactive compliance
  • Stringent governance
  • Rigorous documentation
Axtria Risk management and Analytics portfolio

Operational risk management: Our solutions cover development, validation, and monitoring of operational risk models, fraud rules, scanners and Anti Money Laundering (AML) triggers. We also strengthen mortgage operations to reduce operational and regulatory risk.

  • Reduce capital sensitivity to extreme loss events
  • Manage fraud
  • Strengthen anti-money laundering capabilities
  • Reduce legal risk
  • Align on critical KRIs
Axtria Risk management and Analytics portfolio

Portfolio risk management: We provide reporting services to monitor the portfolio and process performance across the entire lifecycle (acquisition, underwriting, asset management, collections). We also enable you to stress test your portfolio, using multiple methodologies, to assess its ‘break-points’.

  • Monitor smartly
  • Optimize acquisitions
  • Strengthen under-writing
  • Rigorous under-writing
  • Optimise troubled asset information
Axtria Risk Analytics for Risk Strategy Development and testing

Risk strategy development and testing: We provide a range of services to develop risk strategies, implement in underlying card systems and perform rigorous testing (UAT) for accurate and timely roll-out. These services are offered across a variety of platforms e.g. TRIAD, VisionPlus etc.

  • Accurate implementation of risk strategies
  • Rigorous defect management
  • Tight project management
  • Optimal release management
  • End to end documentation


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