Maximize product access by channelizing all managed markets stakeholders

    Ensure commercial success across the brand portfolio while maintaining affordable quality of care.

    Managed markets

    The journey of a drug from the manufacturing unit into the patients’ hands is a long and complicated one. Every life sciences company wants to ensure unfettered market access to meet commercial objectives while ensuring the desired patient benefits. To do so, companies must ensure that they work closely with each of the managed markets forces for optimized product coverage, maximized market access, desired patient, and commercial outcomes.

    Define the critical competitive advantage that could spell the difference between the real-world success or failure of life sciences products.

    Affecting a patient’s access to desired treatments

    Managed Market Forces


    Commercial health plans and pharmacy benefit management (PBM)


    Trade (wholesaler and specialty pharmacy)


    Long-term care


    Institutional (hospitals and clinics)


    Government (federal and state) provisions and reimbursements


    Pharma manufacturer


    Factors influencing a patient’s access to pharma products



    Managed care spillover

    Managed care spillover

    Examine the impact of ‘share of practice’ changes in one category on others. Data from multiple feeds come together into the modeling environment, to help map the managed care landscape for a brand.

    Payer segmentation

    Payer segmentation

    Focus on high value payer segments with segmentation models that help guide business decisions with the help of actionable segments, opportunities, and action plans.

    Copay elasticity analysis

    Copay elasticity analysis

    Drive the product market share by assessing the impact of self and competitor copay by individual plan category.

    Deal assessment

    Deal assessment

    Optimize deal performance with predictive assessment frameworks that comprehensively evaluate all factors influencing a deal.

    Managed care influence analysis

    Managed care influence analysis

    Optimize resource allocation by assessing managed care influence along with other local drivers. With geography profiling for each key driver, the analysis can be performed at a sub national level (varied geography levels).

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