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    AI-optimized solutions for pricing and contracting decisions

    Standardize contract evaluation, streamline data flows, and automate analytics throughout the contract management life cycle.

    Pricing and contracting analytics

    As life sciences companies operate in a managed care environment, they generate heaps of data across channels, structure, and granularity. These data sources include sales, admin, brand performance, and member utilization data. This data is appended with the growing need for real-world evidence, which is used to generate treatment outcomes publications. A non-standardized and manual process to harness this data can adversely affect companies’ pricing and contracting decisions, leading to under-preferred deal negotiations.

    Axtria’s data-driven and AI/ML-based pricing and contracting solutions help improve contract evaluation, streamline data, and automate analytics workflows throughout the contract management life cycle. These solutions help predict the expected returns on discounts and rebates and prevent lost opportunities from revenue leakage.


    Maximize profit, revenue, and long-term shareholder value


    Standardized data integration approach
    for swift analytics insights


    Transparent “no black box” approach
    for operational transparency and trust


    Quantitative real-world evidence (RWE)
    and impact measurement


    Simulations to assess future scenarios
    for contracting decisions


    Scalable enterprise-grade solutions
    for information consistency

    Savings in rebates, discounts, prevention of revenue
    leakage, and AI/ML-driven confident decisions

    Proven benefits from data > insights > operations

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    Centralized data sources and an online tool to standardize the contracting decision process.


    Budget impact model to assess financial consequences of drug adoption from payers’ perspective.


    Simulated scenarios for contracting and formulary changes impact on brand performance.

    Pricing and contracting solutions offered

    Spillover analysis

    Spillover analysis

    Changes in the “share of practice” of one product category influence prescribing behavior in other categories. Merging multiple data feeds is critical to develop a pricing and contracting model.

    Axtria’s integrated database capabilities help in mapping relevant contract attributes for brands.

    Copay elasticity

    Copay elasticity

    Market share is dependent on copay for the products and competitors, which impacts a product’s pricing and contracting outcomes.

    Axtria’s advanced methods help evaluate the impact of copay on market share by each payer plan category.

    Deal assessment

    Deal assessment

    Many factors influence deal performance. A comprehensive evaluation of levers that influence contract performance is essential.

    Axtria’s Deal Assessment Framework provides the predictive capability for deal negotiations.

    Managed care influence in strategic analysis

    Managed care influence in strategic analysis

    Managed care influence, along with other local drivers, can be used for optimizing resource allocations.

    Axtria’s driver-based geography profiling capabilities help establish the sub-national segmentation schema for brands.

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