End-to-end specialty pharmacy data value management

    Leverage data-driven insights to understand and support the patient’s fulfillment journey.

    Specialty pharmacy data acquisition to insights

    As interest in specialty medicine increases, managed care and access become a challenge for manufacturers and patients alike. Hence, to drive value in patient care, the specialty pharmacy and patient services ecosystem become an essential aspect of the overall commercial strategy of life sciences companies.

    Specialty pharmacy data can provide visibility into the patient journey to optimize patient recruitment, onboarding, and retention. While specialty pharmacies and hubs are major data suppliers, their datasets lack commercial data quality, resulting in revenue leakage and operational inefficiencies for companies.

    Leverage our unique and modular data management solutions with flexible analytics to meet your specialty data management and reporting requirements, ultimately driving therapy adoption, increasing adherence, and improving the overall patient journey.

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    Pillars of specialty pharmacy data value management

    Our solutions are based on the three pillars of specialty pharmacy data value management:

    Longitudinal patient view
    Longitudinal patient view

    Driving an uninterrupted view of the patient journey across demand generation (patient pull-through continuum) while ensuring optimal persistence and therapy continuation.

    Specialty pharmacy performance, patient behavior, and experience
    Specialty pharmacy performance, patient behavior, and experience

    Enabling data-driven patient and specialty network engagement to ensure successful patient conversion.

    Specialty pharmacy data quality management
    Specialty pharmacy data quality management

    Robust data quality management framework that goes beyond technical and statistical field integrity to include quality checks (such as validated units of measure) to stop data defects upstream.

    We can help you triangulate the patient – we won’t make you do the math!

    Manufacturers require deep insights into the impact of patient progression on the overall time to first fill (TTF) and conversion to commercial coverage. This enables them to onboard more patients faster while retaining them longer with higher therapeutic compliance. Six parameters have an impact on a patient’s TTF and conversion to commercial coverage:

    • Time to complete patient profile (registration)
    • Fulfillment path (referral source)
    • Managed care access
    • Patients’ clinical journey
    • Conducting due diligence and outreach capabilities of specialty pharmacies
    • Patient services


    Our specialty pharmacy data solutions

    Channel design and strategy

    Data aggregation

    Data warehousing


    Commercial strategy and model

    Channel design and strategy

    • Understanding patient density, managed marketing mix, clinical journey, and treatment continuum
    • Developing patient engagement and channel strategies
    • Designing channel and patient support programs
    • Evaluating specialty pharmacies and defining service-level agreements
    Channel-design-and-strategy (1)

    Data aggregation

    • Data source onboarding, data quality, and data supplier performance management
    • Aggregation, validation, de-identification, and tokenization of patient data
    • Integration of the longitudinal patient dataset

    Data warehousing

    • Seamless integration of specialty pharmacy data with other commercial data assets
    • A 360-degree view of stakeholders, such as patients, prescribers, and payers.

    Our commercial data warehouse solutions and Axtria DataMAxTM provide the functionality required to operationalize the larger integrated data sets.



    Identify patient engagement opportunities to increase patient conversion and retention and hence the top-line through:

    • Patient journey insights: Patient experience, specialty pharmacy performance, and payer control
    • Operational insights: Data quality, supplier quality, and data delivery timelines

    Commercial strategy and model

    • Fine-tune patient and prescriber engagement model to optimize pull-through and persistence
    • Fine-tune patient support and assistance programs
    • Identify access issues and formulate market access strategy

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    Specialty Pharmacy Data Value Management


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