Patient First – Understand patient journeys to develop
    targeted therapies


    Cancer treatments are complicated and costly

    A patient must go through a series of diagnoses to consulting with multiple specialists before the actual treatment starts. The longer the journey, the higher opportunity loss for both the patients and the care organizations.

    Despite the promises that big data and advanced analytics will transform cancer care and accelerate personalized treatment plans, the progress has been questionably slower than anticipated. Multiple factors have hindered – not enough patient data, disparate patient journey data, lack of domain expertise, timely identification of patients and HCPs, lack of view on drug adherence, and many more.

    Understanding the patient journey is the key to improved patient outcomes

    Axtria has a wealth of experience in Oncology by working across pharma majors on complex projects, i.e., 40+ pharma clients with multi-year partnerships. Axtria’s deep Oncology domain knowledge with breadth of experience across a range of cancer types (Solid Tumor, Hematology, AML, ALL, CLL, BC, RCC, Multiple Myeloma, NSCLC, Rare Diseases) has helped our clients overcome a series of challenges. Axtria firmly believes that following a patient’s journey can significantly improve the outcomes – the correct data and insights with domain experts can help in early disease diagnosis, patient-specialists connect, targeted therapies, and drug adherence.

    Axtria’s expertise in connecting the dots among several stakeholders and functions (data management, sales, marketing, insights/analytics, patient support) can be a gamechanger for all – patients, providers, drug manufacturers, regulators, and caregivers!


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