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Analytics Industrialization

Realise the full potential of data to perform advanced analytics

Develop analytics assets that can be reused for faster decision-making.

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Analytics industrialization

When it comes to analytics, Life Sciences companies rely heavily on data scientists to model their analytics needs. With the siloed point solutions currently available, the work that they do is not easily sharable throughout the enterprise and difficult to reuse. This leads data scientists to re-invent the wheel for every brand, business unit or geography when developing their analytic models.

Given the dynamic nature of their business, influenced by the variety and volume of data, Life Sciences companies are realizing that analytic insights need to be available more frequently at the point of decision making. Being able to democratize analytics, beyond just data scientists, to a broader business audience in your organization is the key to moving analytic insights closer to the point of decision.

Axtria’s analytics industrialization offer

Axtria’s Analytics Industrialization offering introduces standardized Life Sciences-specific solutions that democratizes analytics, putting the power of data scientists into the hands of the business decision-makers. The offer allows for the collaborative development of analytic assets that can be stored in a library for reuse and sharing, moving insights to the point of decision-making across diverse personas within the business.

Pre-built analytics assets

Reusable business assets that save time, effort, and resources, when building analytic solutions.

  • Commercial Life Sciences analytics assets for Marketing, Sales, specialty
  • Multiple utilities to perform common analyses like deciling, and clustering each tuned to the specifics of Life Sciences uses
AI Screen1 Pre built analytics assets
AI Screen2 Analytic model development
Analytic model development

Define visualize and manage the development of an extensive set of analytic models Make specific business decisions or answer business questions driven by quantitative data

  • Define mathematical models that are used to capture multiple elements of the Life Sciences commercial and clinical ecosystems
  • Get a holistic visualization of the model to better align the solution to your business needs and ensure that it is operating on the data it processes correctly
Workflow management
Overall efficiency, rapid re-use and modification, of past work to meet current requirements.

Easily manage model

  • Creation
  • Storage
  • Dissemination
AI Screen3 Workflow management
AI Screen4 Data discovery
Data discovery

Enabling consolidation of all business information into a single view and more easily find what you are looking for

  • Scanning your environment and determine where data (both structured and unstructured) resides
Data visualization

Easily identify trends, patterns, and outliers within large data sets by making the data more natural to comprehend

  • Get a clear idea of what the information means by giving it visual context through maps or graphs
AI Screen5 Data visualization
AI Screen6 Data wrangling
Data wrangling

Make the data more appropriate and valuable for a variety of upstream purposes such as analytics

  • Transform and map data from one “raw” data form into another format


salesiq-diff-icon-1Direct users

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer

salesiq-diff-icon-2Capability consumers

  • Business Analyst
  • Analytics Leader


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