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On-target intelligence unique to each brand to drive sales performance, customer relationships, and new patient starts.

Deliver trusted and timely insights to help Life Sciences reps succeed in the field.

Field Intelligence

Field intelligence

Life Sciences sales reps in the field are at the forefront, delivering value, engaging customers, and driving revenues. In recent years, the role of Life Sciences sales reps has evolved rapidly. In the new omnichannel world, they are expected to play the role of local marketing campaign managers in addition to their usual responsibilities. To ensure the success of the reps, they should be provided with the right information at the right time. With product portfolios expanding faster than anticipated, it becomes crucial that the reps are supplied with critical insights relevant to each brand to help them be successful in meeting quotas.

Axtria’s Field Intelligence offer

Axtria’s Field Intelligence offering enables Life Sciences reps to flawlessly orchestrate sales activities by delivering insights that are unique to each brand and can easily scale to meet the needs of a growing portfolio. The offering brings data curation methodologies, data visualization, KPIs, and customer insight libraries across patients, payers, and providers to enable software-defined field report design. Axtria’s Field Intelligence democratizes access to insights across the spectrum for sales users by enabling dashboard-based or search-based field insight consumption. It helps reps instantly surface insights by conversing with the data. A powerful AI/ML-driven insights engine provides recommendations to help reps evaluate their course of action.
Targeted dashboards and KPI library
  • Pre-built dashboards and a KPI library that can be quickly configured to provide insights unique to each brand
  • Empower your sales reps with actionable insights unique to the commercial and distribution model of your brand, be it retail, buy-and-bill, specialty, or hybrid
  • Help reps understand their performance, customer behavior, competitor dynamics, payer, and patient landscapes, etc. to drive business performance
Targeted dashboards and KPI library
End-to-end data management
End-to-end data management
  • Consolidate data from an array of sources to navigate the complete data-to-insights journey
  • Leverage a Life Sciences ready data model that is easily customizable to generate timely and reliable insights
Insights and alerts
  • Easily surface important insights or critical alerts in a bite-sized fashion within the application
  • Ensure that the real actionable insights are not left undiscovered and hidden in the dashboards
Insights and Alerts
Conversational Analytics
Conversational analytics
  • Democratize access to insights with the ability to converse with data to quickly retrieve insights
  • The AI engine learns from previous conversations to recommend relevant insights
Contextualized NBA suggestions

Leverage comprehensive customer 360 capabilities combining customer prescription or ordering behavior, interaction journey, payer dynamics, etc. for swift and prompt actions to Next Best Action recommendations.

Contextualized NBA Suggestions
Integrated Access
Integrated access

Improve field sales effectiveness by giving the reps centralized access to insights on incentives, call plans, customers, KPIs, and recommended NBAs via a Life Sciences-specific mobile app.


salesiq-diff-icon-1Direct Users

  • Sales Rep
  • Sales Manager


Axtria SalesIQ Commercial planning and operations platform

Data sheet

Axtria SalesIQTM – Commercial planning and operations platform

Driving a high performance sales team is a real challenge in the life sciences industry. Powerful forces have shifted the landscape, with the purchase and sale of drugs becoming more competitive and centralized.

Technology proofing your commercial operations

5 Step Guide

Technology proofing your commercial operations
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A Sales Strategy Solution For A New Life Sciences’ Product Launch
A Sales Strategy Solution For A New Life Sciences’ Product Launch

Case Study

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