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Provide tactical inputs to field force for best customer engagement

Motivate field force with strategic guidance to improve sales efficiencies.

Segmentation and Targeting

Call planning

Effective call planning is a key element of optimizing customer engagement for the sales reps. Armed with dynamic and up-to-date data and insights, the call planning process provides the appropriate tactical inputs specifying which products the sales force should be promoting to which customers and segments at which time. A good call plan comes meets management brand objectives, for commercial success.

Axtria’s call planning offer

Axtria’s call planning offering combines the inputs from strategic guidance, localized planning, and analytics to create effective personalized multi-channel interaction plans backed by data-driven intelligence. The call planning solution generates target call plans for territories with field buy-in allowing field users to review and refine proposed customers, segments, and target which can improve sales force efficiency.

Omni-channel call plan generation

Empower the sales teams to reach the right target, over the right channel, with the right level of interaction, improving customer experience, increasing productivity, and generating better call plan adherence.

Design the optimal customer engagement plan to include rep-controlled channels like:

  • Face-to-face meetings
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Virtual meetings
Omnichannel Call Plan Generation
Omnichannel Call Plan Refinement
Omni-channel call plan refinement

Provides real-time field collaboration and feedback on call plans for faster decision making

Easily update with extensive configurability:

  • Call frequency
  • Segment information
  • Channel preference
Workflow approvals

Organizationally transparent and configurable approval processes such as:

      • Approval workflows
      • Guardrails
      • Time widows
Workflow Approvals
CRM System Integration
CRM system integration

Remove barrier from planning to execution for the sales team

  • Seamlessly connect call plan to execution systems
Domain specific data management

Reduces the need for external processes and tools, creating efficiencies through greater reusability, control, and integration.

  • Holistic data management experience that offers ingestion, profiling, quality, and processing capabilities to transform and aggregate source data in preparation of a data set for analysis
Domain Specific Data Management
Report Creation
Report creation

Life sciences ready with applicable data models and reporting templates

  • Modify or use existing templates to create reports
Mobile UI

Engage field teams through a mobile-optimized experience that gives reps easy access to the data they need.

  • Provides field with on-the-go mobile access to the solution
CP Screen7 Mobile UI


salesiq-diff-icon-1Direct Users

  • Sales Operations: Resource Planning
  • Sales Operations: Plan Admin
  • Sales Rep
  • Sales Manager


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