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What Axtria MarketingIQTM Can Do For You

Enable an omnichannel experience, which will lead to meaningful interactions and hence, greater customer journey experiences.

Axtria MarketingIQ™ is a state-of-the art, cloud-based platform that creates a harmonized omnichannel customer experience through the integration of data, insights, and operations.

It has pre-configured connectors to make sense of >170 disparate data sets. So, configure your business rules and let the platform do the rest. With ML-based next-best-actions, Axtria MarketingIQTM helps you create value for your customers at all times – understand their behavior to time your campaigns to perfection, rationalize your channel spend with micro-segmented precision and make your message reach them when they need it most. Of course, in no small measure, determine real-time the ROI of your spends!

------------ ------------------------------- ------------------------------- Axtria DataMAxTM

Axtria InsightsMAxTM
(Axtria Marketing Data Hub) ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ------------ ------------ Axtria MarketingIQTM Data Console
Visual Analytics
Promotional Investment
Planner App
Management App
ROI Analyzer
-------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marketing Operations Customer 360
Data Management
Customer 360
Campaign Planning
and Optimization
Real-Time Triggers to
Capitalize on
Artificial Intelligence
driven Campaign
------------ ----------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enhanced
Brand Affinity

Axtria MarketingIQ

A Cloud-Based Omnichannel Marketing Platform: Enables Customer-Centric Marketing (CCM)

Data App

Manage Customer Data, On Cloud And On Call

If there’s data out there, it can be configured on Axtria MarketingIQ™. PLUG-IT-IN. It’s that simple! So you can focus on getting your Customer 3600, what messages to send them, when and how to reach them.

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Customer 360 Analytics App


Analysis and measurement of customer engagement across all marketing promotional activities. So you can focus on your customer behaviour to their attention to improve patient outcomes.

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Campaign ROI Analyzer App

Evaluate Investment Effectiveness

Plan, design and measuring marketing campaigns ROI predictively! So you can predict potential decision points and create micro-segmented message enablement.

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Strat-IP App

Plan For Future

Plan promotional investments to meet sales forecasts or budget plans! Bang-for-the-buck? You can predict it, and plan it here.

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Campaign Management App

Act On Market Dynamic

End-to-end customer journey management with predictive triggers and next-best actions for online campaigns. Had doubts over online campaign effectiveness? Make your app give you best and next-best-actions based on customer behaviour.

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Suggestions/Triggers App

Automate Promotional Suggestions

Execute AI-driven triggers to enable closer connections between customers and brands promotional investments. So you know the emotional response your customers have to your messages!

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Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

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Axtria MarketingIQ™ Implementation To Support Business Decision

The organizations are becoming more customer-centric to engage with customers based on their unique preferences and driving the need to craft custom interactions across various per ...

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Impact Of Tele-Detailing On Brand Sales Surges

A spurt in sales, post a marketing campaign, may not be the sole result of that marketing campaign. Various other factors could have contributed to that surge. Some of it would hav ...

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