What Axtria MarketingIQTM Can Do For You

Enable true omni-channel experience, which will lead to meaningful interactions and hence, greater customer journey experiences.

Axtria MarketingIQ™ is a state-of-the art, cloud-based platform that creates a harmonized omni-channel customer experience through the integration of data, insights, and operations.

It has pre-configured connectors to make sense of > 170 disparate data sets. So, configure your business rules and let the platform do the rest. With ML-based next-best-actions, Axtria MarketingIQTM helps you create value for your customers at all times – understand their behavior to time your campaigns to perfection, rationalize your channel spend with micro-segmented precision and make your message reach them when they need it most. Of course, in no small measure, determine real-time the ROI of your spends!

A Cloud-based Service Platform: Enables Customer-Centric Marketing (CCM)

Data App

Manage Customer Data, On Cloud And On Call

If there’s data out there, it can be configured on Axtria MarketingIQ™. PLUG-IT-IN. It’s that simple! So you can focus on getting your Customer 3600, what messages to send them, when and how to reach them.

Customer 360 Analytics App


Analysis and measurement of customer engagement across all marketing promotional activities. So you can focus on your customer behaviour to their attention to improve patient outcomes.

Campaign ROI Analyzer App

Evaluate Investment Effectiveness

Plan, design and measuring marketing campaigns ROI predictively! So you can predict potential decision points and create micro-segmented message enablement.

Strat-IP App

Plan For Future

Plan promotional investments to meet sales forecasts or budget plans! Bang-for-the-buck? You can predict it, and plan it here.

Campaign Management App

Act On Market Dynamic

End-to-end customer journey management with predictive triggers and next-best actions for online campaigns. Had doubts over online campaign effectiveness? Make your app give you best and next-best-actions based on customer behaviour.

Suggestions/Triggers App

Automate Promotional Suggestions

Execute AI-driven triggers to enable closer connections between customers and brands promotional investments. So you know the emotional response your customers have to your messages!

Customer Success Stories

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