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Accelerated actionable business insights from trusted and secure data

Next-generation global cloud-based commercial Life Sciences data management product


Axtria DataMAxTM

Robust data management is the key for omnichannel execution. Axtria DataMAx™ is the next generation global cloud-based commercial Life Sciences data management product enabling accelerated actionable business insights from trusted data. 

Axtria DataMAx™ facilitates the rapid integration of all major structured and unstructured life sciences data sources, securely, accurately, and with industry compliance. Data quality and business management rules are applied to make sure the data being processed is conditioned for its intended use and can be trusted. Users can provision data mart creation for downstream consumption and reporting by analytics systems, models, or individual data stewards.

Enabling faster time to market with Axtria DataMAxTM

Scalable future-proof solution bringing tremendous TCO benefits
Trusted and secure

Secure cloud environments and transparent real-time traceability of data lineage and transformations; with predefined data quality checks

Agility – Lower cycle time

Democratization puts the power of data engineering in every business user’s hands, accelerating solution adoption and usage

Future Proof and Lower TCO

Enduring product that can grow and scale with your business; technology and design that minimizes technical debt and lowers TCO

What Axtria DataMAxTM offers

Axtria DataMAxTM differentiators

salesiq-diff-icon-1Self service

Grant business users the power to create, experiment with and apply business rules to analytic processes with minimal help


Decrease file setup and DQ application times up to 40% from continuously learning knowledge base

salesiq-diff-icon-3Rapid time to value

Pre-built library of data connectors, reports, and KPIs facilitate rapid insight generation across business functions



Enabling Faster Go-To-Market With High Performance Data Management

Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) today need speed, agility and control in their go-to-market (GTM) strategy and execution plans. 

Case Study

Commercial Data Environment And Self-Service Analytics Enabled By Axtria DataMAx™

5 Step Guide

Enable Outcome Driven Self-Service Business Intelligence