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Commercial Data Management

Enterprise data management solution

Onboard, integrate, and process data sources quickly, accurately, and securely to generate meaningful insights that accelerate decision-making.

Commercial Data Management

Commercial data management 

Data is becoming the lifeblood of every Life Sciences organization’s commercial activity. The ability to properly manage the hygiene, orchestration, business rules, governance, quality, security, and reuse of that data has become mission-critical. This comprehensive set of capabilities is not easy to achieve and requires focus and persistence. Many life sciences companies are still trying to solve this problem using siloed point solutions and custom build projects because they promise more control and customizability.

The reality is that those development projects surrounding non-commercial-based custom solutions do not persist long enough to deliver robust data management solutions. Control and customizability do not have to be sacrificed with commercial solutions, which also offer much shorter time to market, tremendous scale, and TCO benefits. You can have the best of both worlds.

Axtria’s commercial data management offer

Axtria’s Commercial Data Management offer facilitates the rapid integration of all major structured and unstructured life sciences data sources, securely, accurately, and with industry compliance. It allows you to build common data models tailored to your business that drives the processing of your data for downstream analytics, workflow application consumption, and reporting. The solution is adaptable and portable to the organization’s technology stack of choice.

Data asset library

Increase operational agility and significantly slash the time it takes to address your data management needs with an extensive library of pre-built data processing assets that can be leveraged at all stages of the data journey.

Pre-built self-service life sciences data assets including

  • Connectors
  • Business rules
  • Data quality rules
  • ETL flows
  • Canonical models
  • Reports
CDM Screen1 Data asset library
Visual Workflow Editor
Visual workflow editor

Define unique data processing workflows tailored to your specific business needs

  • Graphically define workflow processes from data ingestion to mapping to the canonical data model
    Agnostic data connection/ingestion

    Access and onboard any data from any source needed to power the commercial operations of your business with self-service data ingestion

    • Leverage a library of pre-built life sciences data source connectors for faster data onboarding
    • Store the asset for future use, saving time for your business
    • Track end to end source object journey
      CDM Screen3 Agnostic data connection Ingestion
      CDM Screen4 Data quality management
      Data quality management

      Increased trust in your data. Validate and check all key dimensions of the data ensuring its suitability for downstream use


      • Automatically generate rules to validate data based on the data types that are present in the data pool
      • Configure simple or advanced data quality rules and consume the outcome through self-service
      • Can be stored as a library asset
        Data catalog and lineage

        Develop trust and transparency in the data you use to make decisions by understanding how it was processed and where it came from

        • Gain visibility into all the available data assets, and business rules enabling Data Scientists to formulate analytic models
        • Self-service data discovery allows users to easily discover the right data sets and traverse through its lineage without the involvement of IT
          CDM Screen5 Data catalog and lineage
          CDM Screen6 Business rules management
          Business rules management

          Business users enjoy increased data ownership to create and evaluate business scenario-based outcomes and strategies


          • Enable business users to configure Sales, Brand, Patient, and Marketing specific business rules and seamlessly embed them within the data processing system
          • Can be stored as a library asset
            Data orchestration

            Faster transformation of data from source structures to a common data model reducing the overall implementation and support cycle

            • Seamlessly orchestrate the data management process using an enterprise scheduler and monitor it through an Operations Cockpit

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              CDM Screen7 Data orchestration
              CDM Screen8 Extendable canonical data model
              Extendable canonical data model

              Normalize all the data ingested into a common data model, making the data more analytics-ready and prepared to unlock business insights. Storage in the asset library future proofs your operations


              • Define global commercial data warehouse models with seamless integration across syndicated and enterprise data sources
              • Leverage compatibility to 3rd party models
                ETL flows

                Transform data to fit the desired and specified canonical data model needed for business operations.


                • Define the process of extracting data from different source systems, transforming it, and finally loading the data into the data warehouse system
                • Can be stored as a library asset
                  CDM Screen9 ETL flows
                  Commercial data Management
                  Data mart creation

                  Rapidly provision and manage data marts used to drive business reporting and analytics

                  • Functional pre-built analytics/reporting data marts to meet the data consumption needs of regional and global domain/use cases
                    Business reporting

                    Transform data to fit the desired and specified canonical data model needed for business operations.


                    • Reports for field force/Home office to track performance, promotions, etc.
                    • Executive level dashboards to track integrated sales, marketing, payer reports at different geographical levels
                    CDM Screen11 Business reporting
                    CDM Screen12 Industrial Security and Governance
                    Industrial security and governance

                    Minimize the attack surface of your business ensuring only authorized access to your most valuable data assets

                    • Single sign-on
                    • Role-based access
                    • Centralized logging


                    salesiq-diff-icon-1Direct users

                    • Data Engineer
                    • Data Scientist
                    • Data Steward

                    salesiq-diff-icon-2Capability consumers

                    • Sales Operations: Resource Planning
                    • Brand Marketing
                    • Sales Manager


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