Marketing Analytics

The changing rules of the pharma landscape demand for patient-centric and outcome-based marketing plans. Brand leaders are looking for predictive solutions to ensure a successful product launch, hyper-customized and targeted messaging across multiple channels, and eventually drive prescription rates via personal and non-personal promotions to healthcare practitioners.

Key Offerings


Segmentation &

Identify and target high-value customer segments with Axtria’s segmentation and targeting models. Get actionable recommendations on customer specific marketing strategies to maximize sales.



Drive launch excellence with the right evaluation methods. Axtria’s predictive models can analyze sales impact of complex variables like new stakeholders, emerging channels, and market events.


Early Promotions

Fine tune your promotions strategy onthefly with less than 16-weeks of response data. Axtria’s Short-Cycle method provides early evaluation, frequent updates, and valuable insights on promo-effectiveness.


Marketing Mix

​​Optimize budget allocation and drive promotions ROI with Axtria’s marketing mix solutions. Our ML-based models can forecast sales impact of multiple channels with data from 40+ channel partners.



Tap your brand advocacy and drive customer engagement with Axtria’s digital analytics solutions, ranging from multi-channel sentiment analysis to a unified 360-degree customer lifecycle view.



Drive customer profitability and longevity with Axtria’s CLTV solutions. Axtria’s suite of advanced propensity models are designed around churn, cross-sell, up-sell, referrals, etc.

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

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