Build a high-performing, motivated sales force

Leverage the power of incentive compensation plan to drive a successful sales strategy


Incentive Compensation Management

Propel higher field force performance with a well-designed Incentive Compensation plan. With the marketspace moving from primary to specialist and value-based care, sales detailing has changed in shape and size. Incentive compensation is the strongest tool to drive the right behavior and influence salesforce effectiveness. Align the reward to their effort to build a high-performing, motivated salesforce. ​

Our team of incentive compensation experts, domain specialists and data scientists create IC frameworks that are financially-predictable, accurate, transparent, and scalable at a global level. Our dedicated centre of excellence comprises of a team of highly skilled professionals with deep understanding of pharma market across therapy areas and an experience in designing 1000+ incentive compensation plans for 17,000+ reps. Our well defined and modular processes provide point solutions for alignment audit, territory design and field sessions. ​

Key Features


Timely and accurate
payout of incentives


Insight driven processes
managed by business rules


Standardization with flexibility
to adapt to local market needs


operational costs


Ability to manage
multiple scenarios

Typical Business Results

Time Efficiency

0 %


System of Changes

0 %

Field Adoption

Mobile Enablement

0 %

Home Office Empowerment

Field Inquiries

0 %

Reduction in Field Disputes and Inquiries to Home office

Customer Success Stories

Explore How Axtria Helps Life Sciences Businesses Achieve Commercial Success.

Design And Rollout Of Global Incentive Compensation Program Across 45+ Markets For A Top 5 Pharma Company
Design And Rollout Of Global Incentive Compensation Program Across 45+ Markets For A Top 5 Pharma Company

Designing and implementing a large-scale global Incentive Compensation (IC) program can be a daunting enterprise undertaking due to the associated complexities, such as large numbe ...

COVID-19 Immune Incentive Compensation
Creating A COVID-19 Immune Incentive Compensation Plan

With COVID-19-imposed nationwide lockdowns, weak field productivity, and detailing restrictions, the pandemic is directly impacting the Incentive Compensation (IC) of reps across t ...

Incentive Compensation Program
Complex Incentive Program Implementation For Global Markets With 12,000+ Sales Reps Across Animal And Human Health

Axtria’s partnership with the client resulted in transforming their operating model through global planning with localized execution to derives the best of both worlds. The share ...

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