Incentive Compensation Planning & Administration

    Driving better business outcomes and field performance

    Employ comprehensive incentive compensation planning strategies to align field personnel with business objectives.


    Incentive compensation planning & administration

    The purpose of a compensation plan is to align your corporate strategy with your sales strategy and ultimately the end customer experience. Incentive compensation is a critical function in sales operations and is one of the keys to driving field force effectiveness. The introduction of new technologies, selling models, and the availability of new sources of data have made it challenging for incentive compensation teams to keep abreast of changing best practices that keep sales organizations aligned with corporate sales goals while delivering the maximum impact to the bottom line.

    Axtria’s incentive compensation planning & administration offer

    Axtria’s Incentive Compensation Planning and Administration offering gives organization the ability to leverage incentive compensation as a strategic tool to drive field performance and, as a result, increased revenues. Driving improvements in operations is always a journey and cannot be successful without the buy in and support of the sales team. Axtria’s offering allows organizations to set territory level goals, simulate plan design and outcomes before defining incentive plans, and quotas for operationalization, all while supporting quota refinement from the field. The offering has extensive administration capabilities which keeps corporate, HQ and field objectives aligned with the goal of delighting the customer.

    Incentive plan design and goal setting

    Reduce IC plan creation time and drive the right outcomes by creating the appropriate field incentives.

    • Create, and edit incentive compensation plans with granular node level execution and data replacement
    • The ability to execute from any process step rather than having to execute the entire workflow
    • Set quotas

    Incentive plan simulations

    Visibility into plan impact eases adoption.

    • Administrators can see how plan changes impact field incentives and earnings
    • Test the incentive plan to make sure they are fair

    Quota refinement

    Provide HQ with greater granular control to manage the quota refinement cycle and the field with better visibility and audit trails during refinement collaboration with HQ.


    • Ability to cancel, edit, delete, and active cycles


    • Improved interaction between Rep and HQ users during a quota refinement cycle by capturing and showing changes made by Rep and HQ user

    Domain-specific data management

    Reduces the need for external processes and tools, creating efficiencies through greater reusability, control, and integration.

    • Holistic data management experience that offers ingestion, profiling, quality, and processing capabilities to transform and aggregate source data in preparation of a data set for analysis

    Report creation

    Life sciences ready with applicable data models and reporting templates.

    • Modify or use existing templates to create reports

    Mobile UI

    Engage field teams through a mobile-optimized experience that gives reps easy access to the data they need.

    • Provides field with on-the-go mobile access to the solution
    • Rep can see how they are performing against plan and estimate how much they can make



    Direct users

    • Sales Operations: Resource Planning
    • Sales Operations: Plan Admin
    • Sales Rep
    • Sales Manager

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