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NBA Driven Customer Engagement

World-class customer engagements

Allow field personnel to make informed decisions driving personalized omnichannel interactions.

Segmentation and Targeting

NBA driven customer engagement

Personalization is the key to delivering superior customer experiences and continued commercial success. Great personalization experiences are especially effective at driving repeat customer engagement and loyalty over time. Today’s Life Sciences companies struggle with finding a comprehensive customer engagement solution that is specific to their business. A solution that understands the customer’s behavior and their journey preferences to orchestrate Life Sciences Next Best Experiences (NBX).

Axtria’s NBA driven customer engagement offer

Axtria’s NBA Driven Customer Engagement offering is the most advanced Next Best Action (NBA) customer engagement solution for life sciences that enables personalized omnichannel interactions, at scale, across Life Sciences customers to optimize commercial activity.

Axtria’s AI/ML based NBA engine predicts customer needs and delivers real-time, insightful, personalized, interactions, driving better treatment decisions. The outcome of these interactions is monitored to drive superior customer experience while measuring the impact on sales and brand uplift.

Next Best Action (NBA) orchestration

Confidently determine the optimal next action to take, driven by AI/ML and rules-based models, formulated from recent activity data combined with a prediction model and simulated outcomes, customized to your business needs.

  • Identify the next-best-action relevant to the given point of a customer’s journey and channel of engagement

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NBA Screen 1 Next Best Action orchestration
NBA Screen 2 Data hub
Data hub

Quickly access and onboard any data from any source needed to power the commercial operations of your business. Store the asset for future use, saving time for your business.

  • Leveraging a library of pre-built connectors to Life Sciences data sources including warehouses, RDBMS (SAP HANA, SQL Server, Oracle), files, support tools, or external links
  • Provides data audit, quality, profiling, and integration
Customer profiling

Gain visibility into segments, clarity into channels valued by customers, bottlenecks disrupting the customer journey, and take action in a timely manner

  • Offers search capability to identify a list of customers based on segmentation, priority, relevance, and prescription behaviors
NBA Screen 3 Customer profiling
NBA Screen 4 Customer insights
Customer insights

Insights into understanding customers and the market to inform brand launch strategies and achieve improved customer engagement

  • Intelligence to understand customer affinity, past interaction success/impact, and channel impact related to sales performance and affiliations to recommend NBX
    AI/ML engine

    Creates personalized experience using automated and Intelligent recommendations using sophisticated, well-trained AI/ML models.

    • AI/ML models based on customer preferences, intent, and behavior to deliver real-time NBX for each customer at a precise moment  
    • Coordinated messages and interactions across online and offline channels, ensuring campaigns are always relevant 
      NBA Screen 5 AIML engine
      NBA Screen 6 KPI builder
      KPI builder

      Easy-to-use formula editor for data analysts to create KPI and rules on the go with intuitive drag-and-drop design to include fields and functions on the editor

      • Create custom/derived formulas by combining standard functions, operators, pre-defined metrics, table attributes, and constant values
      Downstream system integration/activation

      Publish final recommendation to downstream CRM, marketing automation, campaign management, and customer management systems for consumption by customer-facing personnel.

      • Provides flexibility to fit into any business eco-system  
      • Seamless mechanism for delivering suggestions, and receiving feedback on those suggestions
        NBA Screen 7 Downstream system integration activation
        NBA Screen 8 Brand and marketing insights
        Brand and marketing insights

        Gain clarity into channels valued by customers and bottlenecks disrupting the customer journey and assess challenges and opportunities to proactively employ omnichannel actions. In-depth analysis of the market, competitive landscape, and actionable brand insights that helps to build brand strategy and direction

        • Provides analysis of Channel Mix and measure campaign effectiveness
        • Delivers Insights into brand promotional program success metrics, track engagement lifts, and KPIs
        Content AI tagging

        Helps to analyze customer interactions among approved content helping derive content affinity

        • Match relevant content for selected audiences to find and share relevant content for the next customer engagement
        NBA Screen 9 Content AI tagging


        salesiq-diff-icon-1Direct users

        • Marketing Operations: Analyst
        • Sales Operations: Analyst
        • Data Scientist

        salesiq-diff-icon-2Capability consumers

        • Sales Rep

        • Brand Marketing

        • Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

        • KAM

        • Nurse Educators

        • Call Agents


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