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Segmentation & Targeting

Target the right customers to boost sales

Profile, segment, and target, high-value customers for maximum benefits.

Segmentation and Targeting

Segmentation & targeting

The market segmentation process allows pharmaceutical companies to organize their customers into demographic, psychographic, behavioral, or geographic affinity groups so that they can be more effectively targeted through robust call plans, to meet their specific needs.

One of the biggest issues with customer segmentation processes today is data quality. Inaccurate or dirty data from source systems can result in misaligned groupings, making the call plans inefficient and ineffective. Current solutions are siloed and do not integrate well downstream into a broader process.

Axtria’s segmentation and targeting offer

Axtria’s Segmentation & Targeting offering allows you to segment customers using customer profiling and 3rd party prescription/patient data. You can identify high-value targets and assign workload with national-level capacity balancing.

Superior data management

Addresses one of the main pain points of data quality in today’s segmentation and targeting process. Provides holistic data management that offers capabilities to transform and aggregate source data in preparation of a data set for analysis.

  • Ingestion
  • Profiling
  • Quality
  • Processing
Superior Data Management
Segmentation Design
Segmentation design

Identify and profile the customers needed to drive your business. Segment and balance calls based on product priority or segment your market based on HCO and HCP relationships allowing reps to optimize their F2F calls with HCPs who are part of the same hospital system.

  • Construct sophisticated customer segments that are internally homogeneous, distinct segments, which respond similarly to market stimulus
  • Perform portfolio-based segmentation (based on product priorities)
  • Perform affiliation-based segmentation (bottom-up roll-up of HCP data to HCO segments or top-down from HCO’s segments to affiliated HCPs
Segmentation analysis and simulation

Pressure test segmentation designs to verify they support brand objectives.

  • Comparative and ad-hoc analysis
  • Simulate workload balancing and segmentation scheme changes that affect workload balancing
Segmentation Analysis and Simulation
Customer Targeting
Customer targeting

Identify the most lucrative customers for the sales team to focus on

  • Account for unique market attributes, including structure, competitive situation, and channels


Report creation

Life sciences ready with applicable data models and reporting templates

  • Modify or use existing templates to create reports
    Report Creation


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