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The amount of data available across marketing channels has exploded in recent times, leading to information overload without true insights. Our panel of experts with extensive experience in storytelling and insight mining discussed how complex data can deliver easily understandable insights that drive action.

This webinar – in association with PMSA – took place on Wednesday 7th Dec from 12.00 noon ET and looked at how to manage omnichannel orchestration at different scales simultaneously and how to make it simple for organization to understand.


  • Robert (Bob) Allen, Lead, Worldwide Engagement & Channel Planning, US/Canada Oncology at Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Lisa Hernandez, Senior Director, US Omnichannel Marketing, Daiichi Sankyo Inc.
  • Siva Tallavajhala, Director, Omnichannel Mktg Innovation & Development COE, Menarini-Stemline
  • Vandana Singh, Principal, Omnichannel Practice, Axtria
  • Devesh Verma, Principal, Omnichannel expert, Axtria

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