Mining Unstructured Data Using NLP And ML To Improve Quality Of Patient Care

Information Management

In today’s digital world, big data computing and cloud are a given. The question is if different sources of structured and unstructured data can deliver organizational need for real-time decision making. Insights derived from data need to serve a purpose – short product time to market, higher sales, best marketing ROI, and customer value at speed. Replicability and consistency of this process lead to scale.

Axtria works backward from customer value to information assets. We look at patient outcomes and quality of life at the center of information management. If legacy IT infrastructure, data warehouses, systems, processes, and intelligence cannot deliver point-of-care outcomes and better quality of life, they need to change. Configured with insights from > 200 life sciences data sets, > 1000 business rules to manage business context, and analytics-on-call delivered with speed and consistency, Axtria’s information management on the cloud provides better healthcare through unmatched data management.

Our Offerings

Cloud Migration With Axtria DataMAxTM

Not on the cloud? Hop on with Axtria DataMAxTM. With built-in accelerators that ease migration to cloud, you can reduce cost, improve data quality and data integration.

Sales reps are the closest to healthcare providers, let information reach them with speed and consistency!


Big Data Analytics & Data Lakes

Speed, scale, and consistency can win competitively and gain top of mind recall with healthcare providers.

Axtria’s information management is inherently developed on big data frameworks principally with data lakes. With an architecture enabled by NLP and ML to onboard > 200 life sciences data sets, structured or unstructured, and a pre-built business rules library, we can turn around data into role- determined insights consistently, in no time.


Master Data Management (MDM)

Data is a critical asset that needs nurturing and care. It can improve healthcare delivery, increase sales, create efficiencies, drive innovation, adhere to regulatory compliance, and derive analytics for the customers and various roles in the organization.

Axtria’s Master Data Management can create and maintain a reliable, sustainable, accurate, and secure cloud-based data environment that represents a “single source of truth”. So, customers and organization consistently see the same information.


Business Intelligence(BI) & Smart Reporting

Create a BI-based platform that proactively provides comprehensive business intelligence to drive effective decisions, aided with intuitive visualization. A “future proof” solution that leverages accelerators for reporting and analytics layer, scalable to global markets.


Customer Success Stories

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