Cloud Information Management

Leverage insight at scale without the constraints of legacy architectures

Companies are excited by the volume and variety of emerging data sources. However, the insight needed to drive commercial decisions from this data is often hampered by one serious issue: the legacy data architecture.

The ability to leverage the cloud to create a single authoritative view of business critical data is key to success. With Axtria’s Cloud Information Management solution, you can:

  • Evaluate and understand all new, relevant data sources
  • Utilize pre-built connectors to rapidly onboard data sources
  • Establish a master data foundation and single source of truth
  • Deliver engaging, mobile-ready analysis, and visualizations by business role
  • Leverage the cloud for speed, agility, and scale

A best-in-class Cloud Information Management strategy enables you to leverage insights faster than your competition, giving you the edge to stay in the lead.


Cloud Data Management capabilities to seamlessly onboard, process, and integrate new data sources:

  • Complete data management platform to support rapid data on-boarding, integration, and insight
  • Cloud-based solution to support agility, flexibility, and scale
  • Industry-ready data models
  • Pre-built connectors to industry data sources
  • Built-in data processing and quality engine

Cloud Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities to establish a single source of truth for business critical data:

  • Single, authoritative view of business critical data
  • Complete data validation services
  • Multichannel integration to create 360-degree view
  • Implement hierarchies and relationships
  • Efficient user interface for on-going data management

Cloud Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities to deliver insightful and engaging visualizations:

  • Integrated Cloud BI platform covering sales, marketing, customer, and digital reporting needs
  • Industry-ready data models and connectors
  • Pre-defined report templates for key roles
  • Mobile analytics and offline data support
  • Self-service capabilities to support line of business

Big Data Framework capabilities to explore and experiment without constraints:

  • Complete implementation and support for big data management and visualization framework
  • Data lakes to store and analyze any data sets
  • Rapid ingest of structured and unstructured data sources
  • Digital customer engagement across channels
  • Insightful social listening at scale


reduction in data processing cycle time
reduction in data management errors
accuracy in measured data quality
reduction in cost and dependency on consultants

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