Thought Leading Webinars and Points of Views on Industry Trends

COVID-19: Analyzing The Impact On The Life Sciences Industry

Efficient Roster Management

Axtria partnered with PMSA to conduct a tri-series webinar on “Efficient Roster Management – Tactical Approaches for Sales Operations Leaders.”

The webinar addressed the importance of an efficient roster management system to maximize successful sales operations. The tri-series webinar is led by Axtria’s SMEs in roster planning, management, and transformation.

Evolving Industry Trends In Sales Planning And Operations

Axtria has partnered with PMSA to conduct a tri-series webinar on interesting topics relevant to Commercial Operations leaders.

From Multichannel to Omnichannel: How AI/ML Techniques Help Pharma Organizations Achieve Customer-Centricity

In this webinar series, we will review key challenges of interweaving personal and non-personal promotion to build an omnichannel customer engagement strategy. We will discuss ways to leverage AI/ML techniques to mine insights from complex and messy data and convert these insights to next-best-actions (NBAs) for sales professionals and other marketing channel providers.

Sales Planning & Operations

Axtria partnered with PMSA to conduct a four series webinar on the important aspects of sales planning and operations.

The Axtria Commercial Excellence Webinar Series

Introducing the Axtria Commercial Excellence Webinar Series to discuss the key aspects of pharma commercial operations.

The first session addressed the challenges rising from multi-indication drugs impact and sales operations including team structure, sales crediting, incentive payouts, and most importantly sales team motivation.

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