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Episode 18: How Technology and Retail Are Driving Forward the Care Everywhere Paradigm

In this episode, we talk with Ravi Kuppuraj, a digital health innovator and entrepreneur with over 25 years of healthcare experience and leadership. As we discuss the rapidly increasing role of technology and retail companies in the healthcare space and the current challenges and opportunities in the digital healthcare space. Tune in to learn more about the Care Everywhere Paradigm, what the Care Everywhere experience looks like for a consumer, and the challenges of adapting the paradigm.

In This Episode, We Cover:

  • [03:10] What are the roles of retailers in the digital health space?
  • [06:22] The Care Everywhere Paradigm, what does it mean, and what does it look like for the patient?
  • [09:15] Challenges of adapting the Care Everywhere Paradigm.
  • [12:10] How do new technologies enable the Care Everywhere Paradigm?
  • [14:42] The key factors that need to be in place for the Care Everywhere solution to succeed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Home is the center of the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Technology innovation, including devices, variables, connectivity, and other factors, like the pandemic have clearly accelerated the Care Everywhere Paradigm adoption.
  • The innovations might be in place, but the actual delivery of all of it is both a challenge and an opportunity.
  • Together, the retail and tech industry will make a huge impact.

About Speaker

Meet Ravi:

Ravi Kuppuraj is a digital health innovator and entrepreneur with over 25 years of healthcare experience and leadership. Ravi was most recently a Business Leader at Connected Sensing – General Care at Philips, where he successfully incubated and integrated new sensing technologies into mainstream monitoring.

Ravi’s professional career in healthcare has also involved leadership roles in leading global teams at healthcare powerhouses including Spacelabs, Draeger, and Philips. As an entrepreneur, he also founded and launched startups in the cloud-based, remote patient monitoring space. These startups have enabled physicians to diagnose and treat patients quickly and accurately. 

Ravi is passionate about technology and digital health, and how its consumerization can enable democratization and equity in healthcare. Ravi has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA. 


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